Take better Selfies with ‘Hands-free’

Of course the ‘selfie’ is the must do photo trend of 2015, but if you are put off by the poor results posted by most people, you might well ask – how do you get a decent selfie shot? Well, put away your selfie sticks and smartphones and grab yourself a GF7.

With three great hands-free selfie features included on the GF7, you (and anybody else who wants to be in the picture with you) can now concentrate on correctly framing and capturing those fun moments.

1. Face Shutter – flip the screen though 180-degrees so that you can clearly see the monitor with the lens facing towards you. Place the camera somewhere firm and level and compose your shot. Raise your hand, obscuring your face for about a second and the picture will be taken.


2. Buddy Shutter – set up as above but this time select ‘Buddy Shutter’. Frame the shot with two or more faces in the frame. Bring your heads close together and the shot will be taken.


3. Jump Snap – fun for the more adventurous, requires a smartphone. Switch on the camera’s Wi-Fi and pair the smartphone to the camera. Launch the Panasonic Image App and select ‘Jump Snap’. Set the camera up for a selfie as before and put the phone in your pocket. Compose yourself in the frame and JUMP! Try it with friends, but most of all have great fun with a new style of selfie!


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