Silent Shooting

Want to be able to take photos in complete silence? Well, since the introduction of the LUMIX G5, it’s been possible. Firstly, check your camera’s ‘Record Menu’ and select ‘Electronic Shutter’. Select mode to ‘On’.

Next, go into ‘Camera Set up’ (spanner icon) and select ‘Beep’. Here you will be able to turn off electronic shutter sound and any beeps the camera makes when focusing. Once these sounds are switched off, the camera will be completely silent when shooting. N.B. GM1 & GX7 models offer ‘Silent Shooting’ mode in the ‘Custom Set up’ that makes all the above settings in one go.

Many of the LUMIX G lenses include silent Aperture and Focus operation and the ‘HD’ models include silent zoom, so even shooting video benefits from the ‘silent operation’.

So remember, the next time you are in a shooting situation that requires total silence, reach for the ‘Electronic Shutter’ or ‘Silent Shooting’ mode.