Panorama Shooting

Some Lumix G models include a Panorama shooting mode that is capable of producing a very impressive panoramic picture without fuss. It is set from the ‘mode dial’ and, once selected, will indicate in the display the direction of shooting (4 direction options are available – Left to Right, Right to Left, Down to Up and Up to Down). Choose a scene where people or objects are not moving.

It’s best to use a tripod with a good fluid head, but if not, follow the tips here:

– Keep the horizon level, (there’s a line guide on the display to help).

– Stand firmly and practice turning from your waist at a steady speed, in order to cover the shooting area.

– From your starting position, half press the shutter button to focus, then fully press and hold while panning in the direction of the shot.

– A 5 or 6 second burst of images will be taken. Do not pan too quickly or the shot will fail.

Once complete, review and check for a good clean image. If you can see problems, try the shot again. To see a great example of Greenwich, looking across to the City of London taken by ‘mrt’, on a Lumix G6: click here