Long Exposure Shooting – Water

Try these tips for capturing that silky vail water shot:

– Any lens will do the job depending on how close you need to get to your subject, but you may need to fit a filter, so make sure it has a filter thread on the front.

– Set the camera to ‘S’ (Shutter Priority) on the mode dial.

– Set the ISO to the lowest setting available (100 or 160 is good).

– Depending on how ‘silky’ you want the water to look, a shutter speed of ¼ second or longer should be sufficient.

– Due to the length of the exposure, use a tripod or securely rest the camera on a solid object. Use a remote shutter release or set the timer to 2 seconds, so as not to jolt the camera.

– Use the ‘Shutter Preview’ function and view on the LCD screen to see how the shot will look before you take it.

– While in ‘Shutter Preview’ mode, you can adjust the shutter speed to ensure you get the desired effect.

– Finally, the correct exposure will depend on the ambient light. Anything approaching bright daylight will be difficult to shoot slower than 1/8th second. If your results are too bright (over exposed) you will need to fit a Neutral Density filter in order to reduce light entering the lens.