Choosing the correct AF Mode

The amazingly fast LUMIX G Contrast AF system offers five auto focus modes in order that you can match the best focus performance to whichever scene you are shooting.

Follow these examples for the best results.

1. Face Detection AF – Set this mode when photographing individuals or groups of people. Camera software detects facial features from within a scene and sets exposure, focus and contrast in order that faces become the focal point.  (Hats and Scarves Photo by LUMIX G Experience member Eddy)


2. AF Tracking – Set this mode when photographing subjects that are likely to move around the frame. Place the cross-hair target point over your subject and half-press the shutter button. The locked focus point will track the subject as it moves. (The River Gap Photo by LUMIX G Experience member Stewart.a.reid)



3. Multi-area AF – Set this mode to split your shooting frame in to 23 focus zones (49 zones – GH4). Multiple points of focus make this mode ideal for shooting scenery, architecture or whenever you want multiple subjects to be in focus. (German Morning Photo by LUMIX G Experience member PMD)

4. 1-area AF – Suitable for most shooting situations where a single point of focus is required. The size and position of the focus area can be changed to suit the precise nature of the shot. ( Christmas Decoration Photo by LUMIX G Experience member Marie-ice)

5. Pinpoint AF – Set this mode for extremely precise focusing where the target area is very small, for instance: Macro shooting, Wildlife shots and close-up Portraits (pupil of an eye etc.). ( The Lone Seed Photo by LUMIX G Experience member Roy)

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