AE Lock

A little used feature of LUMIX G cameras is the Auto Exposure Lock function, although it can be very useful when taking a number of shots of the same subject.

Here are a couple of tips for when you may want to use AE Lock:

  • When shooting in ‘P’ mode, the AE Lock is a quick way of ‘locking in’ an aperture or shutter speed setting that you find works well for certain shooting situations, this saves you time from switching and setting up aperture or shutter priority.
  • Also, when shooting a subject with a strong light source in the background (as in this shot):

11. Zero72

There is a risk that your subject may appear in silhouette as the camera’s metering system adjusts for the bright background (as happened here):

9. -2 Stops72

To prevent this from happening, point the camera to a darker part of the scene and half press the shutter button. The aperture or shutter speed (depending on the shooting mode) will be adjusted to correctly expose the shadowed part, now press the AE Lock button and the exposure settings will be locked.

You are now free to experiment with the composition, and snap away, without fear of the exposure changing.


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