Panasonic and The Olympic Games

Official Worldwide Olympic Partner
For more than 25 years

As an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner for over two decades, Panasonic has met the stringent demands of professional broadcasting and assured smooth operation even in harsh environments. Panasonic contributes for the better life and better world through our audio video equipment technology and expertise as the TOP Partner.

In accordance with the philosophy of the Olympic Games to “Promote World Peace Through Sport”, Panasonic has, since the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games, supported the tournament over a quarter of a century as the highest ranking sponsor in “The Olympic Partner (TOP)” program. In addition, in 2014, we became the first Japanese company to sign the highest sponsorship contract for the Paralympic Games. “Sharing the Passion” is our motto to share the inspiration engendered by the Olympic Games with people all over the world and unite the hearts of all who love the sport. With our state-of-the-art technology and solutions, we will continue to “share the passion” with the world.


Capturing unmissable moments from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The Latest Photos from Rio 2016

We’re bringing you some of the best moments from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games taken with a LUMIX GX80 by Getty Images photographer Warren Little. Warren has been accredited for Rio 2016 to capture the unique and historic Olympic moments. Having worked for Getty Images for 18 years, Warren is well versed in capturing epic sporting moments now including the Olympic Games.

Perfectly designed for a sports photographer, thanks to its compact and easy-to-grip chassis the LUMIX GX80 is effortless to carry around, yet provides the superior image quality required for such historic shots.

With a 16.00-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor the LUMIX GX80 provides stunning image quality, even in low-light situations – perfect for demanding shooting conditions like the Olympics. The GX80 also features 5-axis Dual Image Stabilisation technology – where both the camera’s body and lens feature high-end image stabilisation – to achieve stunning effectiveness even when shooting handheld. The benefits will be even more apparent at the Olympics when you need to use high zoom to focus in on an athlete or when the stadium is in low-light.

In the world of sports photography, faster is always better. There are no second chances when shooting at the Olympics – that split second moment is there to be captured and you need a camera you can rely on. With highly precise, ultra-fast Auto Focus, the GX80 ensures you’ll never miss the perfect shot.


Latest Photos from Rio 2016




#Superfans – Can you hear us in Rio?

The Rio 2016 Games are underway and your athletes need YOU! There’s a Superfan in each one of us, so let’s show the world how great, Great Britain’s fans can be!

Show your support using #Superfans and click below to see all the shows of support so far!


The One Capturing Unmissable Moments


Capture those Unmissable Moments and preserve life memories and experiences that happen in fleeting moments. The LUMIX GX80 reacts as quickly as you do. Part of our 4K Photo range, you can film in 4K quality at 30 frames per second (fps) and extract the perfect shot as an 8MP still image. Plus the Post Focus function gives you the freedom to choose your focus point after you’ve taken the shot.


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