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Compact lens with large F1.7 aperture – perfect for everyday shooting.

20mm F1.7 (35mm camera equivalent: 40mm)

Featuring the brightness of an F1.7 aperture, this single-focal-length lens lets you capture beautiful, expressive images with a delicate soft focus and high contrast. Two aspherical lenses are perfectly configured to deliver enhanced performance in a compact system.

With this thin, pancake lens mounted, the LUMIX G Micro System is easy to carry anywhere. You’re always ready for whatever inspires the photographer inside you – everyday scenes, passing landscapes, indoor shots in dim lighting, casual snapshots, or artistic shots with soft focusing.

The smaller the F-number, the shallower the depth of field (the range in which things are in focus); the larger the F-number, the greater the depth of field. This lens, with its bright, fully open F1.7 aperture, lets you capture the desired parts of an image in sharp focus, while giving other parts a soft focus. This makes the subject really stand out, adding a rich expressiveness to the photo.

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