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Single focal length lens for wide-angle shooting.

14mm F2.5 (35mm camera equivalent: 28mm)

A wide angle of view and outstanding depth of field make this pancake type wide-angle lens a good choice for both snapshots and landscapes. Rendering high-contrast images across the entire frame and correcting distortion, this super-thin lens is especially ideal for capturing subjects that are primarily linear, such as buildings with a number of straight lines. Its simple lens construction – 6 elements in 5 groups, including 3 glass aspherical lenses – allows both high performance and an astonishingly compact size.

With its fully open brightness, this slim, wide-angle 14mm pancake lens (35mm camera equivalent: 28mm) is ideal for nightscapes (top). It lets in a large amount of light, so you can raise the shutter speed without increasing the ISO sensitivity. It copes equally well in the vast interior of the church above – seeing everything from the Ionic detail and textural grain on the pillars, to the intricate gilt ceiling, all in a single frame. The lens also suppresses hand-shake and noise, so all your shots are crisp, clear and beautiful.

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