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Fisheye lens for unique images with intriguing deformation effects.

FISHEYE 8mm F3.5 (35mm camera equivalent: 16mm)

This fisheye lens with equisolid angle projection lets you create fascinating images with a 180º diagonal angle of view and intriguing deformation effects. Featuring 10 elements in 9 groups, including 1 ED lens, this lens system corrects chromatic aberration from magnification and other sources, to assure superb image rendering. The fisheye lens also features the Inner Focus system, as well as a virtually silent single-lens drive system that won’t interfere with the sound you’re recording when using the LUMIX G Micro System to shoot HD movies. With a fisheye lens, familiar everyday scenes become surreal, imaginative images. Even with the same subject, changing the lens angle creates a curving effect that gives the scene an entirely different look. Whether you’re shooting photos or movies, the fisheye lens lets you create truly distinctive eye-catching images.


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