The G3 wins 2011-2012 EISA Award

Panasonic is pleased to announce its interchangeable lens LUMIX DMC-G3 camera has been named ‘European Compact System Camera 2011-2012’ at the EISA Awards 2011. The award recognises the design innovations of the LUMIX DMC-G3, providing exceptional image quality in a small, lightweight interchangeable lens camera.

Established in 1982, the European Imaging Sound Association (EISA) is a multimedia association that tests consumer electronic products. With a membership including 50 audio, mobile, video and photo magazines from 19 European countries, EISA’s awards are known as one of the most prestigious consumer recommendations that products can receive, and a key indication for the best consumer purchasing decisions.

The LUMIX DMC-G3 camera has been named ‘European Compact System Camera of the year 2011-2012’ for its exceptional range of features and stunning image quality packed into a beautifully lightweight aluminum design. The EISA jury commented: “The LUMIX DMC-G3 is a very small interchangeable-lens camera, which, as it is fitted with a built-in flash and an electronic viewfinder, is as easy to use indoors as it is outside on a sunny day. The camera offers excellent image quality, and it is capable of resolving very fine details and working in low light without producing excessive image noise.”

Sven Dabelstein, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Digital Imaging Products, Panasonic Marketing Europe commented: “We’d all like to take high quality creative photos, but no-one wants to carry around complicated and heavy DSLR cameras every day. That’s why we have created something different with our LUMIX G range of interchangeable lens cameras. We’re delighted that our innovations in this area have been recognised by the EISA judges, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of imaging performance.”


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Member Comments

  1. d.razdan posted a comment on 5 January 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I have just purchased the DMC-G3K with the 14-42 vario lens and the 20mm pancake lens. Initial thoughts are that I have made the right choice in terms of size, weight, balance, features and image quality, both in still and video mode [.jpeg only]. The camera software supplied is not compatible with my Apple Mac computer but the Mac resolves this by using iPhoto and iMovie apps. to retrieve data from the camera: the interface is therefore not a problem. the Apple magazine MACFORMAT has in its latest issue compared 6 CSC”s and has chosen the G3 as the “best buy”. As I read this after the purchase, I was pleased with my independent conclusion on this camera.
    I have still to learn all that can be done with the G3 but I can recommend it to enthusiasts based on my present experience.

  2. rayselsrest posted a comment on 25 January 2012 at 8:46 pm

    I have just purchased the G3 with the Macro lens, the 42 x140 lens and 100×300 lens.
    Previously I ditched my SKY box and replaced it with a Panasonic Blue Ray Recorder. The idea being that the cards out of my wife’s Lumix and my G3 card could be played through the card slot
    instead of messing with AV and HDMI leads into the TV. Unfortunately the TV pictures although
    clear enough looked washed out. So it is back to the leads again but at least the pics from both cameras look perfect on the 46 inch TV. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? However the G3 seems to be an excellent but expensive buy at 2000 odd pounds with the lenses. Perfection does not come cheap and the G3 is as near perfect for me as it gets. I am sure with my very limited photography skills the G3 is the right choice and I would recommend any budding DSLR buyers in Panasonics direction.

  3. posted a comment on 17 March 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Have just retired and been given the G3 with 14-42 and 45-200.
    Thanks to my family i was given the choice of cameras and decided after many questions to photo shops etc. to go with the G3. it works wonderfully,I think its me not being fully conversant yet,but now i’ve got the time to play i am getting better all the time. Have taken some really nice photo’s.Will post some soon, once I set the computer up and get to grips with processing etc as it’s all new to me.
    Must try RAW also.

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