New style Touch Pad AF in the Lumix G90 solves ‘nose interference’

Touch Pad AF Lumix G90/G95

If you haven’t used Touch Pad AF before it is a feature that allows us to move the camera’s AF area via the touch screen – while we are looking through the camera’s viewfinder. It is really very useful as we can shift the AF area around the scene very quickly just by touching the rear screen. By default this feature is set to off, so you need to go to the touch settings in the menu to activate it.

Touch Pad AF Lumix G90/G95

Some people find it difficult to use Touch Pad AF though as when their eye is to the viewfinder their nose touches the rear screen and moves the AF area accidentally. This is a particular issue for those who use their left eye to look through the viewfinder.

Touch Pad AF Lumix G90/G95

The Lumix G90 aims to enable everyone to enjoy this feature by providing us with the ability to customise which areas of the screen are active. If you are a left-eye viewer you probably find that your nose touches the right of the screen, so now you can simply deactivate the right side of the screen and use the left side in ‘off-set’ mode. The ‘off-set’ mode allows us to move the AF area as we do the cursor on a computer screen using a mouse – with lots of short movements to push the AF area across the scene. It is quick to work this way, and means that we don’t have to try to extent our thumb all the way across the screen if we are trying to focus on something in the top right of the frame.

The new system has the usual ‘Exact’ setting for which we touch exactly where we want the AF area to be, as well as the full-screen ‘Off-Set’ mode that all Lumix G models have. Now though we have an additional six off-set configurations to suit the way we hold the camera and how easy we find it to reach different areas of the screen. I’d imagine that quite a lot of people will find Off-Set 7 useful too, as it concentrates all the control to the bottom left of the screen, which is the easiest for most people to reach.

The Lumix G90 is available for pre-order now for about £899, and is due to arrive in June 2019. You can find more information on the camera in our Lumix G90 – those new features in detail article.

Lumix G90 what's new

The DMW-BGG1 battery grip that was introduced for the Lumix G80 fits the new camera very nicely


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  1. norrisphysio posted a comment on 14 May 2019 at 8:14 am

    Useful article as I didn’t realise I had offset on my G80 and have touched screen with my nose many times! Found it was not set to offset (was on my GH3) so hopefully will cure or at least reduce the problem now.

  2. kirsty posted a comment on 28 May 2019 at 7:55 am

    This camera is the next one up from my g80

  3. monkeyrat posted a comment on 28 June 2019 at 10:53 pm

    I find this really annoying on the G7 and it usually is my beak moving the focus area, although have managed to accidentally change other settings/open other menus. When using the viewfinder the screen goes off (automatically, if you have it set that way). When the screen is off, why would you ever need the touch screen functionality. Would make more sense to have it off when the screen is off, on when the screen is on, as an option.

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