Lumix S1H gets raw file support from Adobe and demonstrates amazing DR

Lumix S1H raw files, Adobe Camera Raw, Damien Demolder

In the image straight from the camera (left) the view through the window behind the subject is burnt out due to the extreme contrast range, but the raw file (right) reveals much more information not only in the highlights but also in the subject’s hair.

The latest update of Adobe’s Camera Raw software offers support for the raw files of the new Lumix S1H camera allowing still image users to get the most from the sensor’s amazing dynamic range. Update version 11.4.1 for Photoshop adds the new camera to the list of compatible products, meaning raw files can be previewed in Bridge and worked on in Camera Raw itself before being opened in Photoshop.

The frame at the top was recorded in JPEG mode using the Portrait Photo Style. Although this Photo Style has more moderate contrast than most of the usual Photo Styles it wasn’t able to show the detail in the brightest areas of the sky. The lower frame is the same shot but processed from the raw file with the highlights pulled back to reveal the clouds

The update makes the application the first to offer support for S1H raw image files, and also allows us to see for the first time exactly how the camera’s sensor is able to record an impressively wide range of tones in a single exposure. Images in which highlight detail is lost in JPEG files look completely different once the raw files are opened and worked on, and information is easily drawn back into the normal tonal range from the brightest and darkest areas of the frame. Landscape images in particular show excellent detail in skies and in deep shadow from pictures taken in contrasty conditions. Pictures taken in less contrasty light also allow a much greater degree of flexibility when manipulations are required.

The update to Camera Raw should appear as an alert in your Adobe Creative Cloud interface. For more information on Camera Raw see the Adobe website, and for more about the Lumix S1H see our in-depth coverage of the camera’s new features and sample images and footage.

Lumix S1H raw files, Adobe Camera Raw, Damien Demolder

The JPEG straight from the camera shows plenty of detail and all the tones in the scene has been recorded faithfully.

Lumix S1H raw files, Adobe Camera Raw, Damien Demolder

This image made from the raw file though has allowed me to push and pull the tones a little more to create more localised contrast between the lighthouse and the area of sky immediately behind it.


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