Lumix New Year Quiz

I thought it might be fun to have a little quiz to occupy you all between Christmas and New Year so you can test your knowledge of the marvel that is the Panasonic Lumix line-up of cameras and lenses. It is all just for fun, and none of the questions have answers you can’t find either in your head, in your camera’s handbook or via a quick search of the Internet, but if you take long enough over it you might get out of being dragged around the sales by your family – so thank me later 🙂

I tried to use the numerous methods of creating a poll that the back end of this site offers, but none are really suitable for this, so I’ve resorted to the old fashioned way of publishing the questions here as a straight forward numbered list. You can email me your answers and I’ll announce the winners along with the answers once the quiz is over.

You have until 9am on 6th January, so you’d best knuckle down right away. Email your answers to my email address and put “Lumix Quiz” in the subject line.

1. When was the Micro Four Thirds system first announced?

  1. 2019
  2. 2001
  3. 2008

2. What was the name of the first Lumix interchangeable lens camera?

  1. Lumix DMC-G1
  2. Lumix DMC-L1
  3. Lumix DMC-D1

3. Which is the home country of the Lumix system?

  1. Bolivia
  2. France
  3. Japan

4. What is the ‘standard’ focal length for the Lumix G system?

  1. 25mm
  2. 50mm
  3. 90mm

5. Which is the smallest current Lumix interchangeable lens camera?

  1. Lumix DC-GX880
  2. Lumix DC-LX100
  3. Lumix DC-G9

6. What is the maximum frame rate of the Lumix DC-G9 in stills mode?

  1. 7fps
  2. 20fps
  3. 60fps

7. Which is the only Lumix model to offer Live View Composite Recording?

  1. Lumix DC-G9
  2. Lumix DC-GX80
  3. Lumix DC-G90

8. What is the widest focal length the Lumix G system offers?

  1. 7mm
  2. 10mm
  3. 12mm

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II

9. What is the maximum flash sync speed of the Lumix DC-LX100 II?

  1. 1/60sec
  2. 1/125sec
  3. 1/4000sec

10. One of these cameras has a ‘multi aspect-ratio’ sensor. Which is it?

  1. DC-LX100II
  2. DMC-GH5
  3. DC-S1

11. What is the longest electronic shutter speed of Lumix cameras?

  1. 60 seconds
  2. 30 seconds
  3. 1 second

12. What is the longest focal length available in the Lumix G lens range?

  1. 100mm
  2. 200mm
  3. 400mm

13. What is the longest focal length available in the Lumix S lens range?

  1. 70mm
  2. 180mm
  3. 200mm

Lumix S1R

14. When used in High Resolution mode the Lumix DC-S1R outputs images of which dimensions?

  1. 8368×5584 pixels
  2. 16736×11168 pixels
  3. 25104×16752 pixels

15. What is Panasonic’s unique focusing technology called?

  1. DFD
  2. AFD
  3. CFC

16. If you were really serious about full frame video recording which Lumix camera would suit you best?

  1. Lumix DMC-GH5S
  2. Lumix DMC-GH5
  3. Lumix DC-S1H

17. In slow motion video recording which is the highest frame rate offered by the Lumix GH5S?

  1. 10fps
  2. 60fps
  3. 240fps

18. What is the file extension of the raw files from a Lumix camera?

  1. .JPEG
  2. .RAW
  3. .RW2

19. Which battery fits the DC-LX100II, the DC-GX9 and the DC-GX80 cameras?

  1. DMW-BLG10E
  2. DMW-BLF19E
  3. DMW-BLC12E

20. Which current Lumix camera has a flip up viewfinder?

  1. DMC-GX8
  2. DC-GX9
  3. DC-G7

Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 Power OIS

21. In the current Winter Promotion how much cashback is offered on purchases of the Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 Power OIS?

  1. 50p
  2. £300
  3. £2000

22. What is the resolution of the EVF of the Lumix DC-S1 and DC-S1R?

  1. 3.6 million dots
  2. 4.5 million dots
  3. 5.7 million dots

23. What does the L stand for in the L.Monochrome Photo Style?

  1. Low Key
  2. Light Tone
  3. Low Contrast

24. In 4K Photo mode how many pictures do most Lumix cameras record in one second?

  1. 9
  2. 25
  3. 30

25. In Silent Mode what shutter setting do Lumix cameras use?

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electronic
  3. Electronic First Curtain

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