Creativity is key to taking great photographs. The ability to see the world differently and look beyond the obvious allows photographers to turn everyday moments into unique works of art that tell stories and evoke feelings.

But this creative instinct is nothing without the right camera to capture it. The Panasonic Lumix GF2 has been designed to be quickly accessible when inspiration strikes – without ever compromising on quality.

Interchangable lenses

With a range of different lenses available for the Lumix GF2, it can easily be adapted for a variety of photographic styles. But the Lumix GF2 goes a long way beyond versatility. It uses Micro Four Thirds technology, meaning the picture quality is as good as anything a photographer could expect from a larger, D-SLR camera.

Capture creativity in a shot

Will Cooper-Mitchell was particularly excited about the Lumix GF2’s ability to capture inspiration so quickly and easily, saying: “It’s small enough to take anywhere, so if a moment captures your imagination, you won’t miss it while fumbling around for your camera bag.” What’s more, it has intuitive touch-screen controls, so you can quickly adapt the settings to create the effect you need.

Not bad for a camera that fits in your pocket (Play video)

‘Roof Ride’ in Full HD

A short film shot exclusively on the Lumix GF2.

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Full HD video recording

For photographers who like to stretch their creativity even further, the Lumix GF2 shoots HD video at 1080i and even has a 3D video and still mode. Not bad for a camera that fits in your pocket.

With so much photographic power in such an accessible package, the Lumix GF2 is fast becoming the camera of choice for any aspiring photographer – as well as a must-have accessory for the pros.

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