Lumix GM1 User Review by Colin Freeman Part 3

LUMIX GM1 Winner Colin Freeman was asked to review the DMC-GM1 on behalf of the LUMIX G Experience community. Here is his final review…

The plan was to take a few days out and go to the top of the mountains known as the Glyders in North Wales and put the GM1 to the test. Weight and size is a factor when you are trekking especially uphill and any great distance. However in spite of the country having a mini heat wave and good weather, the cloud base on top of the Glyders was decidedly stubborn and not for moving.

ogwen valley2

View from the bottom.

South West of Glyder Fawr

View near the edge of the cloud base, I couldn’t describe the view higher up – there wasn’t any view.

Oh well on to plan B..

The area has some great potential for landscape photography; imposing castles, forests in the Conwy valley and the Conwy estuary are all photogenic and very pretty.

conwy estuary

I have done some Photoshop work on the image above – stitching together 3 photos and cloning out the beer cans and pop bottles that idiots threw in the foreground bushes.

In strong to moderate daylight the lcd screen is like all lcd screens, difficult to see. I miss the eyepiece view finder in those conditions because you can’t see the screen properly but as you have the touch screen controls it is better than point and shoot but it still has an element of point and hope. Indoors, in low light or on grey days there is no issue with the lcd rear screen.

The area of North Wales has some fantastic scenery including a few imposing castles. In particular the late 11th Century castles at Conwy and Caernarfon built by King Edward around 1283 – 1289. Very photogenic and on the coast.

Conwy Castle and town 2

The panoramic image of Conwy castle above shot using 3 images stitched together in Photoshop. Using the GM1 mounted on a Gorilla pod, sat on the wall of the river bridge as a vantage point. The GM1 does seem to give cleaner images at low light than my G6 it is now my go to choice for high ISO low light/night photography.

See the Lumix GM1

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