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Firstly congratulations to Karent for winning March’s ‘Silhouettes’ photo challenge competition. Don’t forget this month’s winner will be announced at the start of May, so make sure you submit your entry before the closing date of 30th April to be in with a chance of winning!

For this month’s Expert Advice article we’re re-visiting a popular article on taking photos of Spring.

Welcome to this month’s LUMIX Experience Photo Challenge and advice article… and welcome to spring!

It’s lovely to get to the end of another winter and get out there with your camera, to capture the new season. So, accordingly, the theme for this month’s Photo Challenge competition is ‘Spring-time’. Please send us your best shot of something suitably outdoors and natural – you could win a great prize!

As we hope we’ve shown with these illustrative photos, no special techniques are required to shoot out of doors at this time of year. Just equip yourself with a good grasp of composition and make the most of all that natural sunlight.

In the 13 photos that we’ve selected to share here, only natural light has been used. We hope you find them inspirational, but the aim is rather more to encourage you to do your own thing. The possibilities for your spring-time shoot are pretty much endless. As always say, be creative, use your imagination and never be afraid to experiment!

All these shots in the countryside around our good old friend Phl Surbey, on days with better weather – but wherever you live, spring will have sprung and whether your shots are rural or entirely urban, We are sure there will be plenty of choice of subject matter.

Shots 01 and 02: The first of cherry blossom on a tree, from an upstairs window; the second in the kitchen with its big window letting in the sun – though a close-up like this shot of fresh tulips can be beautifully deceptive!

From shot 03 onwards, we’re getting progressively further out into the countryside. We particularly like the willow branches reaching down to the water in shot 07.



As you can see in some of these nature shots, a short depth of field is ideal for shooting delicate, intricately textured subjects such as the lovely daffodils. For a similar effect, set your camera to Aperture Priority and your lens to its lowest aperture number. If you have a zoom lens fitted, use it at its most telephoto setting.

Shot 08 was a photographer’s setup, the tadpoles being scooped from a pond and put into the jar ready for their close-up! Shots 09 to 13 were all taken using the LUMIX GX7 set to ISO 400 and fitted with a 45-200mm lens. You may not encounter many sheep where you live, but if you want fauna rather than flora, maybe you can capture some common birds, or a snail?



The last three shots are almost abstract, considering the theme – show how wide ‘Spring-time’ as a subject could be. So, number 11 is obviously blossom, but deliberately undefined and filling the whole frame, while 12 and 13 – both of farmed fields – really typify the season, but show that it’s not necessary to be obvious.

All shots were captured as RAW files, then a little post-processing; cropping and minor effects work has been applied. We hope they’ve whetted your appetite for a spring photography excursion. Make sure you send in your Photo Challenge entry in good time – but above all, enjoy yourself!

The LUMIX G Experience Team



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