Quick guide to the menu system of the Lumix S cameras

Here’s a quick video guide to the new menu layout of the Lumix S cameras. It is pretty similar to those used in the latest Lumix G models but Panasonic has made some changes so that the system can accommodate more options in a way that is even easier to use than the current system. It all works very well, and I hope the next generation of Lumix G models will adopt these improvements. Panasonic has offered the best camera menu for some time, but this new design makes it even better and much faster to use.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I welcome any comments you have on the new system either below or in our discussion forums. Which aspects do you like and which do you find less useful? Would you like to see this arrangement in other Lumix cameras?

And remember – you can borrow a Lumix camera for free to try the menu system out for yourself – not to mention the amazing image quality.


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