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Damien Demolder

Damien is a photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years at the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer, where he was editor. Damien writes for regularly for DP Review, and British Journal of Photography magazine as well as occasionally for other UK and international photographic magazines and websites.


Catch The Light

posted on 10 November 2014

For this month’s Expert Advice article our resident photographer, Phil Surbey, set himself the task of catching the light.

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posted on 13 October 2014

For this months article Phil Surbey set himself the task of capturing the spooky goings on of Halloween!

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posted on 11 September 2014

Well now, this month’s subject has proved to be fun, but quite difficult to do! The topic for this month’s article and the LUMIX Experience Photo Challenge competition is ‘Selfies’!

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Summer Holiday Snaps

posted on 11 August 2014

Well, the mercury has been high, so it must be time you took a ‘Summer Holiday’ – if you haven’t already – and so that’s the theme for our monthly article and Photo Challenge competition

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Black and White

posted on 11 July 2014

This month’s Photo Challenge is all about shooting in good old black-and-white.

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