Lumix G9 80MP High Resolution mode at 100%

I wanted to show you a shot I did recently using the High Resolution mode of the Lumix G9. I know we’ve seen images taken with this mode already, but this is the first that I’ve processed from raw in Photoshop, and the first that it is okay to show at 100%. I can’t really show the whole image at 100% so I’ve lifted sections out to show at 100%, so you can get a feel for what it can do.

The picture is taken with a tripod-mounted camera, using the Leica 8-18mm f/2.8-4 lens, and a shutter speed of one second at f/5.6. I had to use a neutral density filter (a Tiffen aXent 10-stop) to get the shutter speed at wanted at ISO 200. The original file measures 10368×7776 pixels, and weighs 43MB as a JPEG.

Make sure you click on each image to enlarge it, and to see it at its proper resolution – they look rubbish if you don’t!

Here’s the gravel at the bottom of the frame. The detail is quite outstanding.



The running water has blurred due to the eight one-second exposures that make up the shot. But it looks nice, and was worked this way on purpose.



As there was some wind, moving trees are returned with motion blur. The relatively long exposures help to make the blur smooth.



At the top right of the frame the trees on the horizon have come out well. They are detailed and clear.



The large rocks are also well described, and the water here looks still and calm.


Although it is far bigger than images we are used to from Lumix cameras, this shot processed easily in Adobe Photoshop and will pass through Lightroom with equal ease. The file was nice to work with as it contains so much detail. Of course, it looks great at 100%, but when shown at more normal sizes, such as 33%, it looks really good indeed. When sized to 300ppi it makes a fabulously detailed 36x25in print.


I hope that was useful.