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Damien Demolder

Damien is a photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years at the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer, where he was editor. Damien writes for regularly for DP Review, and British Journal of Photography magazine as well as occasionally for other UK and international photographic magazines and websites.


Get a grip – close up look at the G9’s battery grip

posted on 29 November 2017

Here’s a short gallery of images showing the DMW-BBG9 battery grip for the Panasonic Lumix G9, including all the control points and the control layout compared to the G9 top plate

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Size and weight comparisons between the Lumix G9 and other Lumix G cameras

posted on 28 November 2017

Image gallery comparison between the Panasonic Lumix G9 and the G7, G80 and GH5 showing design, size and weight

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Working in High Resolution mode with the Lumix G9

posted on 23 November 2017

Review of the Lumix G9’s 80MP High Resolution mode, showing how to use it and the results compared with the Nikon D850

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9 Action & Sports Photography Tips.

posted on 7 November 2017

Sports photography is a very fast paced field and a millisecond can be the difference. Here are 9 tips to help with your Sports photography.

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9 Wildlife & Nature Photography Tips

posted on 7 November 2017

From walking owls to roaring lions, wildlife photography can be the most difficult. Here are 9 tips to help with your wildlife photographs.

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