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Damien Demolder

Damien is a photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years at the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer, where he was editor. Damien writes for regularly for DP Review, and British Journal of Photography magazine as well as occasionally for other UK and international photographic magazines and websites.


Quick guide to the menu system of the Lumix S cameras

posted on 27 July 2019

To incorporate so many features and functions into the Lumix S cameras Panasonic has created a new design for its menus that takes an already excellent system and makes it even easier to use.

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Using in-camera focus bracketing to extend your depth-of-field

posted on 26 March 2019

Focus stacking is a great way to increase your depth of field in macro and landscape photography, but shooting the pictures for the stack can be difficult. Fortunately some of the Lumix G bodies have a focus bracketing mode that makes life very much easier

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Electronic v mechanical shutter modes

posted on 28 January 2019

What are the practical differences between mechanical and electronic shutter modes? Why does banding occur in fluorescent lighting and what is rolling shutter? All explained here 🙂

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How to shoot the Super Blood Moon on Monday

posted on 18 January 2019

Get your thermals on and camera out for one of the astro spectacles of the year – and giant Moon glowing red during a full eclipse on Monday morning. Here are some basic tips and techniques for getting a good picture.

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Take control of your black and white with in-camera filter effects

posted on 18 December 2018

Lumix cameras have a host of controls that let you shape how your black and white photos will look. Here’s how to use the in-camera black and white filters to inject contrast and atmosphere into your pictures.

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