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  1. I like this shot very much indeed. It looks simple because it is of a seemingly simple object, but getting simple things right is often a lot harder than we expect. This curved S shape is really rather satisfying and Bob did very well to notice it in the first place. I love the way it snakes into the frame and then changes its mind to sliver back and around the wall in the distance. Coming from that bottom corner of the picture it leads us into the composition and creates a lovely sense of depth. The curve contrasts nicely with the straight edged wall, and the hard right-angle where the horizontal shelf meets the upright. In all its a very happy square of contrasts and geometric differences, and is extremely enjoyable to look at for it. I have no idea what colour the walls and the floor were but I can't imagine the picture would have looked any better had we been shown. Bob's tones show us all we need to see.

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