Black and White

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The Man and the Bird

posted by Sam_Green

We have a lot of really inspiring images this month, which has made it more difficult than usual to pick a shortlist let alone three winners. So, thank you to everyone that entered. Black and white photography isn't just about the exclusion of colour, but about taking the shapes, textures and tones of every day life and showing us how interestiing they are. Shooting in black and white isn't easy as it takes a little more previsualisation than usual, and a little more mental interpretation before the shutter can be tripped. The collection of images on display here though shows that it is far from impossible, and that with some extra thought and consideration really stunning pictures can be created - whether you shoot in black and white or process your colour files to monochrome in software afterwards. Thanks to all once again - I've really enjoyed judging this round.

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