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OAKA Stadium Walkway Athens Greece

posted by dvgx8

Thank you to everyone who entered this architecture competition – we have a great selection of images. Architecture is popular it seems. I’m particularly pleased with the range and variety of pictures that have been submitted, and the different approaches to the theme that have been taken. Architecture isn’t easy, and while it is simple enough to identify an interesting building, capturing it in an interesting way is rarely straight forward. Buildings tend not to move, so when we want a different look it usually means waiting for the sun to move – or wonderful luck when we turn up unprepared to find the conditions are perfect. It is useful to consider what the architect intended and what the shapes and lines of the building are designed to do. Taking the time to think this through will help develop a better understanding of the site and then the best angles and times of day to capture it. It seems quite a few of you know that already!

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